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Academic Planning Locker
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Course Catalog

The 2019-2020 California High School Course Catalog is a helpful resource to find out prerequisites for certain courses, read a description regarding a particular course, find out which courses are approved by the UC and CSU system, and plan your high school program! Click below to access the SRVUSD High School Course Catalog:


Tips for Choosing Classes

  • Create a schedule that is balanced for you. Taking two or more A.P. classes requires a significant amount of time, energy, and motivation. Consider extra-curricular activities, outside responsibilities, etc. when choosing rigorous courses.
  • Be thoughtful with your choices. Do not assume you can try a class and just drop later. Your options may be limited if you decide to change your schedule after the school year has begun.
  • When choosing alternative courses to your primary choices, please remember there is a good possibility you may be placed in your alternate course. Therefore, please make these choices carefully.
  • Do not take an A.P. or Honors course simply because you will receive a weighted grade. Consider your interests, passion, strengths and weaknesses. You may have limited options if you change your mind, so take the time to pursue courses of interest.
  • Fill out the 4-Year Plan WorksheetThis will help you set goals and meet necessary graduation and college eligibility requirements.
Student Schedule Changes

ONLY changes for the below reasons will be made. Changes are on a space-available basis, and only in the first 3 weeks of school.  Schedule changes may change your entire schedule, including start/end time. 

  • You have a hole in your schedule (missing a class in periods 1-6).
  • You are a senior and missing a graduation/college requirement.
  • You are a 9-11 grader and missing a graduation requirement. (English, Social Studies, or Math)
  • You took a class on your schedule over the summer.
  • You are in the wrong grade/level of class.

Students meeting the above criteria make one request via this Google form link: Google Form 

Students must use their school email to log into Google and access the form. 

Elective changes, including Teacher Aide, will not be considered until the second week of classes, on a very limited basis. Changes must be within the same class period only, on a space-available basis.